Happy Thanksgiving

How does one remain thankful, in the face of abuse, decease, or lack?

Gratefulness is not a response to events in our life, it is a chore attribute of our divine being. We were meant to display gratitude in the face of suffering, just like the sun is meant to shine in the face of darkness. Be grateful, not for what has happened, but for who you are. You ARE love, faith, gratitude, and so much more.

The full measure of Him Who makes everything complete and Who fills everything everywhere with Himself lives in you and I, so that we may join the Father and Son in saying, “I AM…”

Nothing can happen to us that will change who we are. And when poison is the ocean that surrounds us, when terror and darkness tries to overwhelm us, our true essence is revealed, like a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. Remember, Christ suffered. Yet, on that cross He revealed love to mankind. We would not have known love, had he not suffered.

Ask yourself, did Christ’s suffering diminish or amplify his message of love? So, likewise, our suffering shall only make our gratitude abound, for gratitude is our identity, the very essence of who WE ARE. So, go and be thankful, not for what you have, but for who you are. Happy Thanksgiving!

The purpose of life

The purpose of life and the universe is to display love and faith. Yet these can only be displayed in their true form against the backdrop of ruthlessness, despair, and injustice. For how can you show love if there are not those undeserving of it? And how can you show faith without looming threats of peril? As darkness is a canvas for light, so creation necessitates destruction.

Three simple life lessons

Three things life tries to teach us:
- Free will. To make choices. Not merely what’s expected of us or what we’ve been socialized to do; but sovereign, independent decisions.
- Reactions. We do not choose what happens to us, but we influence how we react. Bitterness, blame, apathy, etc. or grace, gratitude, generosity, etc.
- Charity. Life is trying to teach us to love, not the lovable, but the seemingly unlovable. Not out of arrogance but out of humility.


True friendship is otherworldly, because it does not conform to systemic forms or patterns. It dares to simply BE, and in BEING it disrupts the dry stuckness of our “golden calf”-ways. It creates LIFE that is true LIFE in a world that, except for friendship, is dry and barren. It is not perfect… Far, far from perfect. But it is REAL; more real than any “perfect” thing can be.


I don’t have to agree with you to like you or respect you, nor do I have to like you or respect you to agree with you.

I quote a Muslim, and someone thinks, “Look, Dan’s a Muslim”. I quote a liberal, and they go, “See, Dan’s a liberal”. Truth be told, I want to be free to quote any person, without it being assumed I agree with them on anything else that person has said. In fact, sometimes I will quote someone that I most definitely disagree with, just because I think the quote is interesting and worth thinking about.


Happiness is not something to accomplish or achieve. Happiness is an identity. It is who we are. I am happiness.

Hello Me

Other people are a window into your own soul. Especially “opposites”, for they are not opposites at all. They are simply sides about yourself that you either are not aware of, or that you are in denial of.
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A Supervising Intelligence

Excuse my preaching, but the fact that the world for the past billion years has had a centillion good reasons to collapse, yet somehow still manages to advance is imho a strong evidence for a Supervising Intelligence.

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