Hello Me

Other people are a window into your own soul. Especially “opposites”, for they are not opposites at all. They are simply sides about yourself that you either are not aware of, or that you are in denial of.
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A Supervising Intelligence

Excuse my preaching, but the fact that the world for the past billion years has had a centillion good reasons to collapse, yet somehow still manages to advance is imho a strong evidence for a Supervising Intelligence.

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Winning vs Deserving to win

Fact vs Truth
Law vs Spirit
Ruling vs Serving
Doing vs Being
Being Right vs Being a Friend
Intelligence vs Philosophy
Doctrine vs Art
Arrogance vs Humility
Hypocrisy vs Honesty
Condemnation vs Mercy

—Dan Hegelund

Cherish your scars, as you cherish your life

Scars are good. More than good; scars are essential. For it is through the path of our scars that the divine spark slips out into our world.

Every glass of “wine” (insert favorite means of quenching the pain) that we take, not only kills the pain, but kills the divine spark, for the pain and the divine spark go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. They’re friends.
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I took a closer look at my enemy, and I saw me.

It’s hard to see the best in someone else, if you don’t see the best in you. I always try to see myself in every person I meet. I also try to see myself in those I dislike. I say to myself, ‘The feelings I have about another person say more about me than about them’. And then I try to love, even the seemingly unlovable… as a certain carpenter once taught and demonstrated.

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Remember God sees your heart. You may not be able to put into words what you think, feel or the-lack-thereof. But you are not alone, nor are you forgotten.

The author of love, understanding and empathy speaks Silence fluently. He can read between the lines when there are no lines. Or when the lines don’t quite come out right. Even when you say or think the opposite of what you mean. He understands your intentions, even when you have no intentions, even when your intentions are wrong. He’s the forebearer, the soul carer, the apathy and frustration sharer. The unsingable song, the unspeakable word, the unfathomable ceasing of proactivity, the wrong song, the misspelled syllable, the explosive silence.
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Today I Begin My 40 Day Fast

I have fasted several times for a week, and a few times longer than a week, but this is the first time that I will endeavor to fast for 40 days. I will keep all my posts in ONE thread, as to not take up too much space:

–To keep a diary of what exactly I am doing fasting-wise.
–To document the effects of the fast as I experience it.
–To share my thoughts during this time.
–To allow others to join me in fasting, if so desired.
–To help me stick to it, since it would be somewhat embarrassing to quit.

Feel free to joint the fast; send me a personal note or email dhegelund@gmail.com

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Choosing Joy

I believe there is a difference in quality between happiness and joy. As I see it, happiness relies on the circumstances lining up according to our desires. Joy is different. Joy shines in the darkness, blooms in the desert, it is based on faith not sight, hope not gratification, incorrupt truths, not temporary facts. Happiness may not be a choice, but I believe joy is. It is a choice made available to us by faith.